Frequently Asked Questions...

Magnesium Spray/Roll On

How much should I use the spray each day?

There is no limit to how much you can use. Magnesium is extremely important for efficient operation of your body's functions. The spray can be used as many times as you like, but should be used a minimum of twice per day to get the minimal amount of magnesium absorbed into the skin.

How do I apply the spray/roll on?

The spray can be used by spraying on the body and rubbing the oil into the skin. Avoid sensitive mucus membranes and around the eyes. For help with sleep, we recommend spraying in the belly button and on the bottom of the feet before you go to sleep.  When rubbed on trans dermally, Magnesium is absorbed 100%, so you will get the full dose of magnesium when using the spray, as opposed to taking magnesium orally which only absorbs 30 - 40% of the magnesium. 

Is the spray safe for pregnant moms or mothers who are breastfeeding?
Yes, the spray is safe for both! As you know, breast feeding can be hard on a woman's body, as you are providing nutrients for yourself as well as your nursing child. One of the most deficient minerals in the human body is magnesium. It is important for a whole host of bodily functions. The spray can also be used on your newborn. Avoid sensitive areas around the eyes and mucus membranes.